In advance of the full, proper launch of Sandbox Journal for Virtual Realities, we’re putting together a demo issue: ENTER.

A word from everyday computing and a liminal state of being, ENTER is spot on as a first subject for our doomed, unsolicited and speculative magazine about ‘virtual realities’—screen media, semiotics and science fiction, in a nutshell.

There are many realities we move through—physical, technological and psychological—and consequently many forms of entrance. In our first issue, designed to show prospective writers, stockists and artists what it is we want to build, we look at things like vortexes in science fiction, pipes in computer games, cats in boxes, body horror, falling robots, doors and (naturellement) The Lawnmower Man.

Designed as a booklet in a slipcase, with artwork on the outside and essays on the inside, issue zero is being released (very limitedly) across March and April 2015. But fear not—while we’ll only be physically producing around fifty of this first, showroom issue, we’ll be making all the content freely available online too.