Sandbox is a nonfiction curiosity journal on the virtual realities that surround us: screen media, science fiction and semiotics.

Printed on a coptic-bound booklet in a sleeve, each issue has a theme—things like COPY, COLLECT, MICRO, SUPER—critical theoretical themes that can be interpreted and picked apart in different ways by our writers, yet which all essentially touch upon how we engage with technology, the world, ourselves and each other.

Written with a love for freewheeling cultural and art histories that tie together seemingly unrelated things, we take a purposefully playful (if not downright obfuscatory) approach to subjects obscure and overlooked (and often with good reason). Sandbox is at once about movies, games, advertising, reading, seeing, hoaxes, archives, twins, robots; it’s about representation, dinosaurs, mirrors—aw hell, it’s about all sorts.

Weirdly specific and with zero budget behind it, this is a labour of love; it’s doomed, but we’re going to revel in every second of it.